G-Estates Smart property investment

Frequently Asked Questions

For citizens of Non-European Union member countries, it is now possible to get a visa permit of residence, and subsequently apply for Spanish nationality, through investment operations.

If you buy real state with a net value of more than 500 000 € in Spain, you are nearly always granted a visa permit. This is providing that the correct legal procedure is followed, and the necessary requirements are met.

In Spain there are more ways to get these rights; the acquisition of real estate is not the only one.

There are several alternatives to invest, including;

  • the acquisition of another company;
  • the merging with another company;
  • the establishment of a fixed deposit in a Spanish bank or credit entity;
  • the creation of a company or project that the Spanish Public Authorities recognize as beneficial for the development of Spain and its interests.
  • Who can apply for it?

    Anyone who is NOT illegal in Spain

    More than 18 years old

    No criminal record in the past 5 years

    Public or Private Insurance

    Enough funds to live in Spain

    The rest of the family, like spouse, partner, children and parents can apply together with the main applicant.

    It is possible to apply with a private contract, with a proof that you dispose of the funds, and you should sign the tittle deeds and pay in 6 months.

  • Where can you apply for it?

    We prepare everything in your name to apply for it at the Consular Office, in person or by representation.

  • What kind of loan materials should the client prepare to submit?

    Passports copies

    Nie number

    Last six months salaries

    Last year tax declaration

    One year bank statement

    Proof of deposits or shares they own

    Private purchase contract

  • Which period is covered by the Golden Visa?

    The Golden Visa is for a year, during which period you shall apply for a residence (and visit Spain at least once). Following this you are granted the visa for two more years, after which it is possible to renew it for 5 more years.

    You can renew it personally in Spain or through the Spanish Consulate of your country of residence.

  • Are taxes included in the investment threshold?

    Short answer is no, i.e. you buy a new home for 460 000 € plus 10% IVA = 506 000 €.

    The applicable VAT (46 000 €) would not count towards being above the €500,000 threshold. So, the application would be turned down on grounds of not meeting the threshold.

  • To obtain the Golden Visa, can one person spend that 500 000 € in more than one property?

    Yes, the important is to invest that amount in one or more properties, but only by one person. If two people invest in one property, they do not have right to obtain the Golden Visa.

  • If non-EU nationals need loans for the amount over 500 000 €, can they apply?

    They can apply for a mortgage here, nevertheless the banks will require a lot of documents from the home country that should be legalized and translated.

  • What is non-EU nationals’ loan successful rate? And how much loan can these clients get?

    Usually the banks do not give more than 50% of the house valuation, but it depends on the client’s solvency.

  • Can I sell the property after obtaining the Golden Visa?

    Yes, but you should do another investment to renew the residence or you lose it after the period for which you have been granted it.

  • Can I buy a plot less than 500 000 €, build it and apply for Golden Visa?

    You can only apply for the Golden Visa when your investment is more than 500.000 euros. So, when the value of the plot plus the construction is more than this 500.000 euros you can apply.

    If you do that through a company, only the owner who has the control of it, can apply for the Golden Visa.

    If you sell this property after it is finished (in case you bought it off-plan), you should make another investment to be able to renew.

  • Do holders of the so-called Golden visa have unrestricted access to move within the European Union?

    Holders of a Spanish Residence Permit will not require a visa to enter the Europe Schengen area. They can transit and enjoy free movement within the Schengen area for a maximum period of three months (90 days) per half-year from the date of first entry. However, please be advised that not all countries within the European Union are party to the Schengen Agreement i.e. the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland maintain opt-outs.